Encore Auto Dealer Development

We develop, coach, train, and strategically position dealers to compete in an ever-changing and aggressive market.

“I know how to create an environment of success. And success is what your dealership will accomplish when we partner together.”

Tim Swinea

President, Encore Auto Dealer Development

What We Offer

During the twenty years of his career, Tim Swinea has perfected the most efficient ways to create a first-class customer experience. He develops the perfect sale process, helps implement it into your business, and provides training specifically tailored for your dealership in order to optimize sales and profit.

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  • Sales Process Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Retention
  • F&I Training and Process Improvements
  • Online Reputation
  • Recruiting
  • Pay Plan Development
  • Efficiency in Processes
  • CSI
  • BDC
  • Inventory Merchandising
  • Website Monitoring and Mystery Shops
  • Vendor Reliability and Accountability

Check out Tim’s interview with Mike McClintock as they talk shop about car dealers, processes and what it takes to bridge the digital gap occurring between the internet and the showroom floor.