About Us

“Success is the only way. Failure is not an option for me.”

Tim Swinea

President, Encore Auto Dealer Development

The Founder

Starting in 1996, Tim Swinea has had over twenty years in the field of automotive business. Within six months, Tim was a top salesperson and his excellence only continued to grow from there. He began to develop a passion for the Finance & Insurance department as well as the products that were presented to the customer. Within three years, he was working at one of the biggest GM dealerships in the country as the F&I Department Manager. Tim helped the sales and finance departments grow in volume and gross profit. Throughout this time, he held the positions of Sales and Finance Director and General Sales Manager. Throughout his career, Tim Swinea has helped create sales increases ranging from 90% to 200%.

During the twenty years of his career, Tim Swinea has perfected the most efficient ways to create a first-class customer experience. He develops the perfect sale process, helps implement it into your business, and provides training specifically tailored for your dealership in order to optimize sales and profit.