Sales Process Training

In today’s market, the customer’s time and satisfaction is extremely valuable. Many auto dealers unknowingly waste time and effort following unnecessary steps toward the eventual sale. We provide training to evaluate and simplify the sale process, from the first handshake to the last signature. Our process is easy to learn, but more importantly, easy to execute. Our methods teach the sales staff how to build relationships and trust with the customers, while maintaining a simple procedure. With our services, your own company can be confident that its sale processes are tailored to fit the efficiency and effectiveness of today’s market.

BDC (Business Development Center) Training

In an automotive dealership, the Business Development Center plays an integral role in stabilizing trust with the customer. Potential buyers are looking for a trusting person that’s willing to work hard for them. We train the BDC staff to effectively set appointments and make the client’s trust and satisfaction the highest regarded priority. We train to impress the client with every interaction with your dealership. We make it difficult for the customer to do business with anyone else.

Process Improvements Leadership Training

An effective team needs to be led by an effective leader. Our leadership training teaches the fundamental quality of execution and following through with goals. We work with sales managers to help them guide the team to stay on course. With better leadership comes better sales. Our training takes them away from their desks and into the showroom where they can make a better difference. With more efficient leaders, your automotive dealership will soar to heights never before seen.


Finance Training

Many finance departments that still use predictive analysis are neglecting the better technology of today’s market. Some finance departments even sell using a paper menu. Take the opportunity to optimize the finance department of your dealership and impress the customer. With our training, your finance staff will make it hard for clients to say no to the products that fit their lifestyle. The finance staff will create concise, persuasive pricing products and strong relationships with different banks. Use our finance training service to maximize your finance department and increase your revenue.


Marketing Strategy Training

Spending a greater amount of money on advertisement doesn’t necessarily result in a greater amount of income. We focus our training to specifically organize your own marketing strategies. A successful auto dealer needs to be properly aligned in the market and needs to have effective advertisement agencies that truly optimize the return on investment.


Social Media Training

Social media plays an integral role in advertising in today’s market. Having a clear online visibility can greatly improve the traffic to your business. Frequent social media updates and promotions will be taught to your sales staff to boost your business.